Sunday, October 18, 2009

Syncronized Team Chuck Form

In the Team Kata, each team is made up of male or female competitors. In this event, the competitors are to perform the same Kata. This is especially interesting to watch, as the team would execute each movement in synchronized timing and accuracy. The judges would look for timed co-ordination among team members and the accuracy of the Kata being performed.

Our team chose Team Nunchuka- this is especially difficult to execute in a synchronized team form. Not only do they competitors need to keep the kata movements together they also need to keep the weaponry movements identical.

This kata is a beginning form for a first time team competition. As the team members become use to each others movements the form difficulty will increase to add in gymnastics.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The nunchaku is a weapon used in Okinawan Kobudo. Under Japanese rule in the early 17th century the people of Okinawa were not allowed to own weapons. In response, the people learned empty fist fighting and created weapons out of household implements. Fighting arts revolving around a staff (bo), the handle of a millstone (tonfa), a sickle (kama) developed. The bit used for horses was two sticks tied together with a string. That simple device became the weapon we now call nunchucks.

Nunchucks can come in a variety of sizes, but for adults this most common lengths are 12" and 14" and the most common diameter is 1" with either rounded or octagonal sticks. For younger practitioners 8" long chucks are generally preferred.

Which is better, corded or ball bearing chucks?

Nunchaku attached with cords will not rotate as fast as ones attached with ball bearings and chains. Corded chucks are also more prone to wear and tear, but will weigh less without the added bulk of chains and metal caps. Most beginners chose corded nunchucks then move up to ball bearings when they become more acclimated to the weapon.

What type of Nunchuck is right for me?

For beginners:
For those just starting out with the nunchuck, padded styles are often preferred. In addition to reducing the force of many impacts, the padded surface is also easier to grip. Many padded nunchucks are also lighter than their wooden counterparts.

For muscle conditioning and speed development:
To increase speed and develop muscles, using a heavier nunchaku made from hardwood or a heavier artificial material is recommended. The extra weight will build muscles, gain you speed and ease of motion when you move to a lighter nunchaku for demonstrations.

For Demonstrations
For demonstrations lighter weight, faster rotating nunchaku are used. Demonstration nunchaku are generally made with plastics, acrylic, or extremely lightweight wood such as rattan or white wax. Ball bearing chain attachments are almost always featured on demonstration nunchaku. Demonstration nunchaku are usually coated in chrome or holographic material to help them stand and give the impression of speed under stage lights.

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